Effective and quality delivery


Effective and quality delivery

Delivered goods are popular and reliable services worldwide. It is particularly strong in countries with large territorial developments such as the US, Russia or China. It is not too difficult to understand for this. No one ever drove, or flew nearly 1000km to buy an item ever. So intermediate transport services have appeared to replace that job.




In Cambodia, the delivery platform has been developing simultaneously with the e-commerce and internet market. Although Cambodia is not a very large country but with a poor infrastructure system, buying goods far away is also a difficult problem for many people.


Therefore, the delivery service has opened to meet the demand of transport and sale of people. Currently delivery services in Cambodia include the main services:


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Delivery service: support fast home delivery. Save time and effort of both sellers and buyers. Effective home delivery service for people who are too busy to come to the place of sale. Or it is for those who are too lazy to leave their home.


Collection service: Online trading is an online environment where people on it can be anonymous or create fake identities if they wish. This has enabled many cases of online fraud. The main collection service is to minimize fraudulent cases when customers only need to pay after they have received a satisfactory item.


Insurance service: Cargo insurance is required to be provided for a delivery service. It is not safe to bring your goods to a stranger. Damaged, lost, who will be responsible? That’s the reason for this insurance service. A service will ensure you will not lose when something goes wrong. Especially when your goods are of great value.


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Other value-added services: In addition to the above three key services, collection companies also offer a variety of added services depending on user needs and the company’s own policies. Such services may include: re-delivery, timed delivery, change of order information, order changes, warehousing, registration, …


In short, the delivery service is a great assistant for those who have been doing business online. If you make good use of it, online shop will be more reassuring when selling goods to customers wherever you are.