Good delivery process


Good delivery process

Deliverance of goods is a useful service to support sellers and buyers when making purchases in the e-commerce market. In the context of a diverse market today, what is a good delivery service to use is the concern of many people. Good delivery service must have the following process:




1) Get the goods fast


Delivery service helps pick up goods quickly. Early pick-up times will help delivery times take place sooner. For early pick-up time, it is not simply a matter of asking shipper to pick up goods quickly but also a matter of customer education and the company’s own operation process.


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2) Inventory and information management


Most of the current delivery services do not immediately deliver orders that require storage time, forwarding and sorting orders to separate zones before delivery. This helps speed up and reduce shipper effort when shipping. Along with that is the information management is clear and avoid information errors of orders.


3) Reasonable and fast delivery


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Delivering orders is the biggest goal of delivery. Jobs are always prioritized and focused. For convenient delivery must ensure all steps on the process are smooth and accurate. Moreover, the right shipper team is good and experienced. Attached to a clear, accurate and well-understood delivery process.


4) Collection and payment


Collection is a service attached to delivery service. In the market, there is not much trust as the market today, collecting money will help online shops get customers’ trust to make selling easier. As a collection service provider, the delivery company must ensure the collection process and the proceeds of the proceeds are taken correctly. The payment process must ensure timely and committed compared to commitment, clarity and transparency.


5) Support and complaints


In the process of indispensable delivery of cases of deviation, confusion and loss. A good delivery service must have a clear, quick and effective complaint and support process. It helps online shop more secure when sending goods and avoid harm to the benefits of online shop.


The above processes are not easy to implement. They all need a lot of time to design and experiment. With experience inherited from professional delivery services, CambodiaShip has built an efficient and reasonable delivery process for the Cambodian market. CambodiaShip wants to provide the best and most effective delivery service. Become a companion of shops in the crazy commercial market.