Quality delivery in Cambodia


Quality delivery in Cambodia

The delivery situation in Cambodia is quite difficult when the majority of current delivery services are not high quality and not guaranteed. How to get a high quality delivery service?


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First, improve the current delivery situation by changing at least two of the following characteristics:


People: People are the key to quality delivery. Bad people will make bad deliveries. The change in people will make every other change. People getting better and better will create better forwarding services. This will create a quality delivery service in the near future.


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Outdated technology: The application of technology is very limited in the delivery segment. If in Western countries, the use of technology to support delivery, or even the use of technology for delivery is growing rapidly, the use of technology in forwarding is not yet common in the local market East. Little technology, backward will make people do more, easily lead to confusion, errors.


What quality delivery needs


Fast and efficient delivery, service delivery that is not fast or ineffective cannot exist on the market. Customers always want the best products. This best is defined in the good and effective service of delivery.


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Low cost: Any form of business must balance the efficiency and cost, the cost must ensure the quality of delivery, but must also solve the operating budget of the company itself.


Good attitude: Delivery is currently done by people. The forwarder must have a good and positive attitude towards all that happens in the market and with the people in that market. Forwarding services become close to people when service people become friendly and friendly.


Quality delivery in Cambodia is not easy. To create a quality delivery service, it takes a lot of effort. Sometimes the efforts are not verbal.