The cheapest Phnom Penh’s delivery


CambodiaShip’s collection service is the cheapest Phnom Penh delivery service. The evidence is right in the following article.

Logistics services are now creating special use values ​​and are loved by customers. Delivery service in CambodiaShip has been developing well. But not enough to satisfy the needs of existing customers. With increasing demand for daily delivery, customers need more than just a basic delivery service. Customers need the best delivery service, the cheapest price. Where to find such a delivery service?


COD delivery


No need to go far, CambodiaShip will satisfy your need. CambodiaShip is a delivery service in Cambodia with the best quality and the cheapest cost. CambodiaShip’s services are powerful and support the best and cheapest for customers with:


1) Delivery of the day


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Daily delivery of CambodiaShip with the inner areas of Phnom Penh only 6 hours and suburbs only 12 hours. The fastest and most efficient delivery service. Not included with additional services and other support.


2) Collecting


CambodiaShip accepts collection of goods for each order delivered by us. Proceeds will be collected and transferred to you according to the company’s regulations. Collection service is very suitable for customers who do not want to transfer in advance. Good support for shop during the sales process.


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3) Standard weight 3kg


Standard order volume in CambodiaShip is up to 3kg. Larger volumes allow customers to send more items in the same order with constant delivery fees. Support for shops selling large or large items.


4) Free shipping and refund


CambodiaShip is completely free from return and return orders. CambodiaShip will close the scene next to the shop during the delivery process. Make sure you only collect money when the shop has sold goods.


5) And powerful system


CambodiaShip also owns a modern bill of lading system. Real-time tracking allows the shop to know the position and order status. Rest assured when using.


For those things, CambodiaShip also supports Cambodia – Vietnam – Laos transport for foreign shops wishing to do business in Cambodia or vice versa. If you need a cheap delivery service in Phnom Penh, please come to CambodiaShip.