What is cash on delivery?


What is cash on delivery?

Delivery of goods is one of the forms of delivery that combines the normal delivery of goods and the collection of goods instead of online shops. Simply put, the delivery order will bring the purchase from the shop wherever the buyer wants. Proven delivery is an effective tool to help online shops.




1) Increase prestige, easy to sell


The delivery service helps increase the reputation of online shops. Especially prestige for new customers. Unlike normal online shopping, the shop provides delivery service, customers do not need to transfer money before purchase. They only have to pay when they receive the order properly. From there, they will be more relieved and more confident in the shop. Shop can sell more easily.


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2) Increase sales


Delivery of goods has a characteristic that only needs to be paid when you receive the goods. This makes it easier for customers to order more goods when they are not immediately paying. Surveys show that delivery deliveries help increase customers’ buying capacity by 11%


3) Attract customers


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Delivery can become a customer attraction where the delivery service is unique or special. Free delivery can also become a promotion that attracts many customers’ attention.


4) Support customer care


Supporting customers when selling products online is difficult due to distance issues. Delivery service is a way to shorten the distance to take care of customers. The delivery services support very well for online shops that want the best customer care.


The delivery service is a great support service for online shops that are in need of online business.