What is ship COD?


What is ship COD? Basic conception of ship COD.

Many people have been using the ship cod service (shops and their customers), but just understand ship cod is the service delivery money collected.

There are no cases of shop and guests conflict because of several tens of thousands of money collected.



What is Ship COD?

COD stands for Cash on Delivery in English, which translates into Vietnamese, meaning that the buyer will pay when receiving the goods.

Most of the companies operating in the field of transportation of goods in Vietnam are providing COD service, but the service has many different names such as COD shipment service, shipping, COD delivery, COD delivery, courier COD …

Process Ship COD

When customers choose the product and form of transportation COD, the shop will pack and ship to the company providing COD transportation service to ship the goods to customers.

* The time of delivery of goods from the shop depends on the service, but usually during office hours from Monday to Saturday (Sundays)

The shipping company will deliver the goods to the address of the recipient within the day for the inner city area, which may add 1-2 days to the commune and district levels.

* The time of shipment to the customer usually depends on the service, but usually during office hours Monday through Saturday (Sundays)

Customers pay for delivery staff. The amount to be paid includes:

Shipping (the shipping company will return to the shop in about 3-10 days)
Transportation fee (shipping company, average 20-40k with big cities, and higher with district and commune level)
Collection fee (shipping company may also be free)

Thus, if you choose to ship COD, the customer may have to spend more than the purchase costs paid in advance. But this form of shipping has become very popular and is widely available online because of its usability.